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Born: 9th November 2005. 
Dam: Ninbella Heidi.
Sire: Benleigh Golden Flame.

Ninbella Harrison

Ninbella Harrison is a very striking fawn male from aristocratic Australian parentage. His lineage includes some extremely fine fleeced alpacas and also includes some great names in the Australian herd book.

Harry has quality stamped right across him, from his correct confirmation with substantial weight of bone, to his fine and dense fleece, measuring 8 crimps per inch and with excellent coverage right down his legs. Although Harry looks a huge male, it is down to his substantial weight of fleece, which saw him cut over 7 kilos one year. He is actually an average size for a macho with average size progeny. Harry has the uniformity of fawn colouring throughout his fleece that is so difficult to achieve in this colour. His first fleece histogram is inspiring for a fawn and with 100% comfort factor.

Harry is a real gentleman, he is a very calm and gentle boy who is easy to handle. We have 2 of his daughters and his grandson here at Lythe Brow and they are all well grown and easy to handle. Harry is intrigued by children and will do anything for our boys .

Fleece Information

Date of last sample:                                        27th May 2012

Age of animal at last sample:                        6 Years and 6 Months

Fibre Testing Authority:                                  SGS

Fleece Number of last sample:                     7th

Diameter (Micron) of first fleece sample:    17.10

Diameter (Micron) of last fleece sample:     25.50

SD of last sample:                                            5.20

CV of last sample:                                            20.10

Last sample % Fibre Over 30 microns:         14.40

Last Comfort Factor (%):                                 85.6

Drive by mating £POA+VAT

Mobile mating £POA+VAT

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