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2019 Cria

Wowsers what an exhausting birthing season, 11 babies in total , 8 Boys and 3 girls. This year saw our first cria on the ground from our Supreme Champion stud boy Fowberry Cossack. Along with some very well built cria to our stud boy Ninbella Harrison who’s cria looked about 3 months old at birth, strong and upstanding with great confirmation and huge knees, although birth weights were not excessive and no complications for Dam’s birthing they have grown on strong and healthy. Fowberry Antonio saw his first cria on the ground, Antonio has such a lovely soft handle to his fleece and his cria has inherited this beautiful trait. We also have some Stunning EPC Golden Age (Of Fowberry) cria, Fowberry Nobility light fawn girl who is absolutely stunning and finally we were super excited to have the very first cria to National Supreme Champion Fowberry Constantine, two perfect little boys to Bella and Caprice,  Calibre and Cem.  

During birthing season we are always in complete admiration of our amazing females and how they look after each other, (every herd needs a Briony, who was present at each and every birth checking cria’s vital signs and welcoming them to the herd) the females birth with ease (most of the time) nurture their cria , babysit for each others cria  and general love life over the spring and summer months.

We feel honoured and privileged to have 11 gorgeous babies bounding round the fields and without wanting to wish our lives away we already have our thoughts wandering to our 2020 show team, and breeding decisions,  our three times supreme champion, stud boy Alchemist joined the party this year and thoroughly enjoyed his first breeding season, knowing exactly what was required and having confirmed pregnancies, we longingly await 2020 birthing season.

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