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August 2016

The Big Build

With the purchase of our first alpacas, the wait was on for the delivery of our field shelter, alas no Bob the Builder or Nick Knowles and his team to help out. But single-handedly this 42ft field shelter was to rise from the ground. Like Noah building the ark (and maybe we should have built one of those in the floods of Dec '15) Steven set out to build the new home for our alpacas. Designed and delivered courtesy of Country & Leisure UK, 20ft field shelter, 12ft stable and 10ft for our pygmy goats was all put up within the weekend. Some spare bolts and screws left over but surely these were sent as a goodwill gesture in case we lost any during construction??? The hope was now that the alpacas would like their new home and we could remove the unsightly shed they were using as a temporary shelter.

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