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Ruby Baby_edited.jpg

Fowberry Ruby

Solid Brown.

Born  14th May 2011.     

Dam: Fowberry Luella.      

Sire: Ninbella Harrison

Although Ruby is our biggest girl she is very sweet and gentle and the easiest  of all of our alpacas to handle. Ruby is an excellent mother and all her cria have the most charming and engaging personalities. Ruby’s 2016 cria Cossack is with us here at Lythe Brow, he is an absolute sweetheart, very friendly and inquisitive and follows us around like a puppy. He has to be involved with everything we do on the farm including injecting all the others. Ruby loves her food and is first at the feed troughs, leading the rest of the herd down the hill. Ruby comes from a top performing female line at Fowberry. Ruby is a well grown girl with her sires strong conformation. For her dark colouring she is fine with her first fleece diameter (micron) 19.92 and a comfort factor of 98.6%. Ruby gets on with all the other females and prefers not to get involved in any squabbles.

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