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12th October 2016

Here come the girls…….

A little longer than first planned, but today was the arrival of our carefully chosen additions to our herd. A Saturday morning visit to Fowberry Alpacas with our shopping list in early August had seen us truly fall in love with alpacas. Hands shook, deals were made (4 pregnant females, three cria and an auntie, we now only had to agree our matings for our newly purchased females. How hard can that be????
Then it was waiting time, alpacas mated, spit off, pregnant? Vet scanned. We wanted and were ready for them in August but waited patiently for them and today was the day of their arrival. We had previously loaned Ninbella Harrison from Fowberry for spit off with Paris & Pavola, Tracey had fallen in love and today was the day he was due to return home. How would the introduction of the new girls go? It went better than expected, our apprehension was misplaced. They bonded immediately and froliced round the field exploring their new home……………. Time to halter ‘Harry’ and let Jenny and Graham take him home, well they were supposed to. Hearts strings had been tugged and an offer was made to purchase Harry, which was duly taken and he was now a proud Lancastrian!

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