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AlpacasRstyle Portensious

So, Tracey was 40 in March and what better way to score huge wife points although she did moan it wasn't wrapped...….

At 05:15 on 26th October we arrived safely home after the long drive to Heathrow to collect our first imported alpaca, which saw her endure a 48hr journey including 4 flights after leaving New Zealand.


This has been a long time in the planning so we are very excited to welcome AlpacasRstyle Portentious, a gorgeous light fawn female, sired by Futura Humdinger and pregnant to Malaki Sorcerer. We are vey excited to be adding these fabulous genetics to our herd.


Portentious has a beautiful fine fleece that is full of character . She has settled in well in her isolation paddock with all the lush grass and is looking forward to joining the rest of the herd.

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