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28th July 2016

A Dream Is Born

After many years as just a pipedream and literally 6 weeks preparation our dreams became a reality. Sifting through Facebook a few weeks earlier we noticed a local breeder selling two young female alpacas, here was our opportunity. We had only moved into our new house 6 months earlier and we now had the land we desired to follow our dreams. We had attended the BAS National Show at Telford for the two previous years, we went on a day course introduction to alpacas at the wonderful and helpful Fowberry Alpacas and did as much research as we possibly could, but were we prepared?
Linda & John (Little Eskrigg Alpacas) were very helpful and the purchase of Paris & Pavlova (Little Eskrigg) seemed the logistical choice, not only were we purchasing two young female alpacas with good genetics but we were also buying into the knowledge of two experienced breeders.
With the fieldshelter not to arrive in time, the front and base of a shed was removed and a makeshift shelter was erected.

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