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Ashwood Jubilee



Born 28th June 2015. 

Dam:  Stoneleigh Destiny of Anzac.   

Sire:  Furze Park Peruvian Telstar.

Jubilee is a very well built girl, she is a real sweetie with the most amazingly fluffy ears. It has taken Jubilee a while to settle in but towards the end of her pregnancy her personality changed to where she wanted to sit next to us in the field whilst sunbathing. Jubilee is very food orientated which often makes her at the forefront of the herd and she is often found in the feed store with us whilst we are making up their breakfast she eats out of hands. Jubilee was the first to give birth to her Cria in 2018 and is proving to be an excellent mother, she birthed with ease and has taken to motherhood well. 

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